Christmas Countdown & Chirstmas Is Coming Sidebar Gadget

Posted: November 30, 2010 in ???, Bebas, Christmas, JC, Software Windows

Christmas Day is almost here everyone!!!..


This little and simple post is not to explain the true meaning of Christmas for Christians, because this day of course is most awaited day by every Christians in this world, okay? :). But rather just for share a little Christmas Spirit project from my lab, by share 2 gadget/widget included below that have a simple main goal to help others to track days left until Christmas Day. (By display the remaining time until Christmas in days, hours and minutes and display “Merry Christmas” when count down gets to the last day)


FYI : Each of this original gadget project are ripped from Charles Beaupre and Justin Braun work, which was initially just made for Christmas Day in 2007. And with this modified fork version i try to fix and add some feature to automatically detect Christmas Day on every year. (so this stuff will not stuck in December 25, 2007 anymore) 😛


Here’s some screenshots from original project (taken from SoftPedia) :




And screenshots from my work :






You can get this gadget from here and here.


System requirement :
– Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Windows Sidebar program running well. (both have been tested and work well on x86 and x64 system)


Your comments, critics and rate for this work are welcome.



Happy Christmas Everybody 🙂


Pascal Dudleyjoe



NOTE : i never claim to build this gadget/widget, but rather make little fork work


(sorry for my trully-bad english :()


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