Christmas mp3 Download

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Bebas, JC

Lagu yang keren-keren buat Natalan …

Christmas Music by musicgirl988

*Sedih gak bisa mudik lagi ney … (Natal 2008 bakalan jadi Natalan kedua jauh dari rumah, hiks.hiks **,)


Xaxaxa … **, ^^, ##. @@.

Posted: November 18, 2008 in ???, Bebas

Gambar-gambar yang gak enak banget waktu diliat …


*Gak nyangka banget kalo Mr. Dubya (aka George W. Bush) bisa jadi frustasi kayak gene gara-gara Mr. Barrack kepilih…,


*Gak usah nyampe keliatan publik kayak gene atuh Ibu … (ntar ape kate duniee…@@,)

**Have a rockin’ day

*udah kayak iklan mie goreng aja .. ^^,

Nggak perlu cas-ces-cos lagi mendingan liat n’ baca sendiri disini.

Stardock MyColors link download.

Buat yang pengen desktopnya agak “hijau” (hare gene gak hijau??, ke laut aja deh jadi pengikut Nyi Bloronk … ^^, qaqaqa) donlod yang ini ajah, yang mw agak “machow” (ouch…siapa siy yeiy?, brani-brani bilang eke machow… – muf sisanya mendingan disensor aja, gak baek… – 😉 ) mendingan download yang ini, buat yang agak “bejeweled mania” {te-ow-pe be-ge-te deh} yang ini, en yang mw “agak laen” (yang merasa gak hijau, gak blink-blink en gak macho  [jadinya paan dunk???…, ya “jadi-jadian” ajah brow 🙂 ] dari yang tiga diatas disaranin unduh (KBBI banget euyy…++,) yang ini.

Beberapa preview desktopnya …

AMD Game aka “macho” << favorite saya

Quest aka “agak laen” atow “jadi-jadian”

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Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat – Lucky

Posted: October 15, 2008 in ???

Enak banget waktu didengerin … , sok coba aja kalo mau download Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat – Lucky.mp3 … .

Enjoyy 🙂

gOS 3 Gadgets Release

Posted: October 13, 2008 in ???

Thursday, October 2, 2008
gOS 3 Gadgets Release.
It’s been too long, as usual, since our last blog post. Since then, we released the final edition of gOS 3 Gadgets.

What’s new in the release:
A new release of Google Gadgets which has all major bug fixes
User interface improvements
An updated, more secure Ubuntu 8.04.1 base
General bug fixes here and there
Please enjoy 🙂


Special Features.
download 1 (Toko Baliwae webserver), download 2 (AusGamers webserver) (for Indonesian User) and here for international user download.
gOS 2.9 Space (previous best release).

In mid-2008, Opera 9.5 became available for download just ahead of Firefox 3.0. Now, Opera has moved one step further, and as of October 8, it is offering version 9.6 of its browser. Opera 9.6 brings enhancements across the table, although at its heart it is labeled as a security and stability update. Announced at the end of September 2008, Opera 9.6 moved fast through the development milestones, and following two release candidates dropped since the start of this month, the gold bits are now up for grabs.

“Opera 9.6 final has been released,” said Huib Kleinhout, Opera Desktop Team manager. “Opera 9.6 adds synchronization of custom searches and typed history with Opera Link, several new features in Opera Mail, a nice preview page for feeds and last but not least: improved stability and performance. We also launched a new site today: Discover Opera. It shows in simple steps how to use many of the powerful Opera features. Do you know them all?”

In Opera 9.6, the Norwegian browser maker has taken a number of features to the next level including Opera Link, Opera Mail and Opera Scroll Marker. But at the same time, the latest version of Opera comes with improvements to the graphical user interface, display and scripting (with a focus on improved support for Acid3 Test), and also security enhancements.

“Custom search engines and typed history (typed history is only the history you explicitly type or select from the address bar) are now joining bookmarks, notes, personal bar and Speed Dial in Opera Link,” reads a fragment of the Opera 9.6 Changelog. “The new Opera Scroll Marker makes it easier to continue reading when you scroll through a Web page. At the end of the page it will indicate the previous position of the bottom of the screen so you can easily see where to continue reading.”

The truth is that Opera 9.5 did little for the browser in terms of grabbing additional market share from rivals Internet Explorer and Firefox. And starting with September, Opera has to fight for audience with yet another competitor, since Google managed to get into the game with the release of Chrome Beta.

Opera 9.6 Final for Windows is available for download here.
Opera 9.6 Final for Linux is here.
Opera 9.6 Final for Mac OS X is here.

Salut buat desainer grafis yang menghasilkan gambar berikut …

Sepertinya memang sudah seperti itulah pose” (yang terpaksa) yang akan diambil oleh 2 pendahulu kita, ketika melihat keadaan Indonesia seperti sekarang ini …

Saluuut … TT,,